Petnostics is committed to strengthening the bond between pets and their veterinarians by developing accurate, at-home diagnostics that improve pet health.


We strongly support the vital role of a veterinarian in a pet's life and collaborate closely with the veterinary community to create innovative products.

Our technology

The Petnostics app analyzes VET-10 Urine Reagent Strips to help pet parents monitor their furry loved ones’ health. By using the smartphone’s camera along with our patented image processing technology, results are comparable to in-clinic urine analyzers.

Our parameters

Reduce barriers

Use our line of disease-specific tests to help make it easier for your clients to frequently monitor chronic or recurrent conditions including:

  • • Diabetes
  • • Bladder Stones
  • • Urinary Tract Infections

Why Petnostics?

Happier pets
Convenient at-home monitoring reduces the pet’s stress

Happier customers
More informed owners lead to more productive visits and increased engagement

Happier you
Encourage additional visits, generate supplemental revenue and increase customer compliance

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