Frequently asked questions


  • Does Petnostics work for both cats and dogs?
  • Yes! Our test kit works with both cat and dog urine.
  • What does Petnostics test for?
  • The urine strip we use in our test kits is the same strip used by veterinarians. It tests for certain parameters present in the urine that can give insights into your pet’s overall health. These parameters include Bilirubin, Blood, Glucose, Ketones, Leukocytes, Nitrite, pH, Protein, Specific Gravity, and Urobilinogen. For more information on these parameters, please visit
  • Do you ship internationally?
  • Yes. If you need our harmonized code for importation purposes, please email us at for more information.
  • Do the test kits expire?
  • Unopened test kits have a shelf-life of ~24 months.
  • What is the difference between the Urine Test Kit and the Disease Specific Tests?
  • The Urine Test Kit tests for ten parameters (Bilirubin, Blood, Glucose, Ketones, Leukocytes, Nitrite, pH, Protein, Specific Gravity, and Urobilinogen) and is meant to be a method to screen your pet's overall health. The Disease Specific Tests are specific to chronic conditions and are used more by pet parents who are monitoring these health conditions in their pets.


  • Is the app free?
  • Yes, the app is free! It is an important part of the analysis process so please make sure to have the app downloaded before you test your pet’s urine.
  • Is the app available on both iOS and Android devices?
  • Yes, each can be found in their respective stores (App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices). Some Android devices may not be supported due to the Android firmware version.
  • How reliable are the results?
  • Because Petnostics uses the same test strips that veterinarians use, the accuracy of the results are similar to those obtained at a vet office. Please keep in mind though that our test kit is not intended for diagnosis use, as it is a screening kit. If you have any questions or concerns about your results, please consult with your vet.
  • I tried scanning and it didn't work, now what?
  • When certain lighting conditions (shadow, glare, etc.) are present causing the app to not scan, the manual image process is initiated. In this case, an image is sent to our team and we will analyze the results based on this image. Once the results are available, we will email you letting you know. Manual images are generally processed within 24 hours.
  • How long do I have to wait to scan the strip after exposing it to urine?
  • Since the test strip is time sensitive (colors continue to develop over time), it is meant to be scanned at 60 seconds after the strip comes in contact with the urine. There is a built-in timer in the app that will count down the 60 seconds for you.

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