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Love your best friend

Test Early

According to veterinarians, checking your pet's urine early and often is the key to keeping your loved one healthy. Identifying early warning signs can help prevent more serious problems. By allowing you to check your pet's health instantly, Petnostics' patented technology helps you love your best friend.

Test Often

Veterinarians recommend regular checkups to ensure your pet's health. From the comfort of your own home, Petnostics allows you to easily perform the same urinalysis test that veterinarians perform at their clinics. And at a fraction of the cost of a visit to the veterinarian, you're now able to be more proactive and affordably check your pet's health regularly (we recommend monthly).

Common Diseases

With Petnostics, you can screen for many common illnesses that affect your pet's health — even before symptoms appear.

  • Diabetes
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Kidney Stone
  • Liver Disease
  • Dehydration
  • Ketonuria
  • Hemolytic Anemia
  • Bacteria Infection
  • Proteinuria
Petnostics Urine Strip Analyzer


The patented Petnostics Urine Cup consists of a lid with an integrated urinalysis strip. The wide mouth allows you to capture your pet's urine cleanly and keep it stored until you are ready to test with the Petnosics Mobile App. Once you're all done, simply throw away the disposable cup. No muss, no fuss!


The Petnostics platform is a patented system that allows you to check your pet's urine with your iPhone. The Petnostics Mobile App turns your iPhone into a urine analyzer, and together with the Petnostics Urine Cup, lets you test your pet’s health instantly. Detect potential diseases sooner in order to prevent more serious issues. Your best friend will love you for it!

Petnostics iPhone Screens

Petnostics in 3 easy steps


The Petnostics system requires only a small amount of your pet's urine, and obtaining urine from your pet is quite simple. For dogs, simply wait until he or she starts urinating, and then use the provided sample cup to collect the urine from his or her urine stream. Click here, here, and here to see how this is done. For even easier urine collection, the Petnostics Urine Collector may be used.

For cats, using the Petnostics Hydrophobic Cat Litter is the easiest way to collect your cat's urine. This special litter allows your cat's urine to sit at the top of his or her litter box, where you can then easily collect the urine. Click here to see how this is done. An alternate method for collection is to use a spoon, as seen here.


Once you have your pet's urine in the sample cup, simply remove the Petnostics lid from the pouch and seal the lid tightly over the sample cup. The test pads start changing colors once they come in contact with the urine, so be careful when handling the cup in order to prevent the test from starting on accident!


When you're ready to analyze your pet's urine, simply launch the Petnostics app on your iPhone. The app will guide you through the analysis process and display your pet's urine results once the analysis is complete. Be sure to share the results with your furry friend!


People love Petnostics!

"Just so you know, the one test we were able to take with the iPad Air did reveal a couple issues and we took Corynn's pug to the vet who ran a full urinalysis and indeed confirmed a UTI. We are needlessly to say, very impressed with both your product and your professional and conscientious customer support!"

-Shaun L.

"Wow, this was super cool! I tested my dog's urine using your test a day before he was to go to the vet. My vet ran another urine test and the test results were exactly the same. Amazing!

-Lindsay K.

"Just like vitamins or flea medication, your kits are part of my prevention detection process. They gave me the ability to quickly test my cat without having to go to the vet right away. Totally recommended!"

-Diane P.

"After using Petnostics, I'm so glad we brought our little one to the vet because he does have crystals in his urine, even though he's not displaying any signs that anything is wrong. Thank you for creating these tests!"

-Kristin M.

"One of my dogs got an unhealthy result and is now being treated for having blood in her urine. My other dog came out as healthy, so I have peace of mind that she's ok. Petnostics is a great product to have on hand!"

-Susan C.

About us

Portrait of Petnostics member Stephen


Wanting to allow pet owners to make sure their dogs and cats are healthy, Stephen founded Petnostics in February 2013. Stephen attended the University of Michigan and HBS, and he now lives in Downtown LA with his Westiepoo, Austin.

Portrait of Petnostics member Vince


As the lead designer of Petnostics, Vince works hard to make sure everything looks just right. Having attended RISD, Art Center, and UCLA, Vince believes in designing with purpose and making sure his cat, Lilly, is well-fed.

Portrait of Petnostics member Tony


Tony is responsible for all the programming that goes into the Petnostics app. Developing his skills at Oregon State and perfecting his talent at Flipboard and The Honest Company (Jessica Alba's startup), Tony is a lover of all animals.

Portrait of Petnostics member Julia


Attending UCSD and the Academy of Art, Julia is responsible for Petnostics' social media. Julia loves making sure everyone is kept up-to-date with all things related to Petnostics and her dog, Mowgli.

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As the Chief Doggie Officer of Petnostics, Mowgli does his best to inspire other dogs to stay healthy. Keeping true to his Yorkie heritage, Mowgli loves being around others and getting his belly rubbed.

Portrait of Lilly the Calico


Lilly takes the role of Petnostics' Chief Kitty Officer very seriously. As a Calico cat, Lilly really hopes other cats follow her lead in living a healthy lifestyle. Lilly likes cuddling and napping after a long day at the office.